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Affordable Health Insurance For Children

These days, it seems everyone is on a budget. But as costs for medical care continue to rise, quality health insurance rates do as well. While parents with reliable coverage provided through work have the option of adding a child to a group plan, it’s not always the most cost effective alternative. In other cases, there is no employer provided coverage, meaning you’re left to find affordable health insurance for children on your own. Luckily, you do have options. If you’re looking for child-only health insurance you can afford, here’s what you should know.

What Health Care Reform Means for Child-Only Health Insurance

As a parent, you’re probably well aware of how difficult it can be to find reliable coverage for a child only. Most plans are limited and if they do offer the benefits you need, they’re no longer affordable. The truth is, after the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010, many reliable providers stopped offering child only plans because new regulations made it too costly and not profitable. As a parent, that hurt. But there is some good news.

The Online Marketplace Will Increase Access to Affordable Health Insurance for Children

Health Care Reform rolled out over the past few years, but the final provisions are set to take effect in 2014. What does that mean for you? On October 1, 2013, the Online Marketplace will open, providing parents, individuals, even businesses access to more health insurance plans at affordable rates. The new law requires state exchanges to offer affordable health insurance for children only that meet certain criteria. They have to be affordable, but they also have to include coverage for very specific benefits like vision care and special needs.

Finding the Right Health Insurance for Children Only

State run exchanges may be the best way to secure the coverage you need for your child. With access to more plans, increased benefits and affordable rates, finding the right coverage just got a whole lot easier. Find, compare and secure the health insurance you need for your child and get peace of mind that when they need medical care, they can get it- no matter what. Learn more at

Cheap Term Life Insurance With No Exam

Life insurance is an easy and convenient way to protect loved ones with financial security after you’re gone. But if you’re having a tough time finding reliable and affordable coverage without having to sit for a lengthy medical exam, you’re not alone. The good news is, cheap term life insurance with no exam is available, you simply need to know where to look.

Why Would Someone Choose Life Insurance With No Exam?

Believe it or not, there are plenty of very good reasons why people search for cheap term life insurance with no exam.  For most of us, visiting the doctor’s office is inconvenient and a real hassle. Others may have health complications that make securing traditional life insurance difficult or prefer not disclose certain personal medical information. It could be as simple as wanting to get covered quickly without a lengthy waiting period or a complex application process. Regardless of the reasons, life insurance without exam requirements is quickly becoming the preferred choice for many.

Online Quotes- Easy and Convenient

The advantage of looking for term life insurance with no exam is that you can easily find online quotes instantly. Instead of having to wait for test results to gather information, you can find and compare quotes in real time. That means you can find, compare and buy life insurance all from the comforts of home. There’s nothing easier and more convenient when time is a priority. Plus, with quotes for both types of coverage, “no exam” and “exam required”, you can make the most informed decision and purchase exactly what you need to have confidence that loved ones are protected and cared for.

Life insurance is peace of mind and security in an uncertain world. When a lengthy medical test is out of the question and you prefer a quick approval process, cheap term life insurance with no exam may be the right solution for you.

Comparing Rates For the Best Rates

As is true with all life insurance, the easiest way to get the most affordable coverage is to compare rates from top providers. Advanced quote engine technology makes it easier than ever to find and compare quality life insurance from reliable companies. Particularly with term life insurance, comparison shopping is a smart purchasing strategy and the best way to find cheap term life insurance with no exam to fit your needs and your budget.

Buying Whole Life Insurance

buying whole life insuranceWhole life insurance is a financial product that provides a death benefit when the policyholder passes away. Unlike term life insurance, that only provides coverage for set period of time, whole life insurance provides coverage for life. In the most basic terms, whole life insurance works by charging the policy holder a premium (price) that is paid over time in return for the death benefit. In addition to the death benefit, many whole life insurance policies build cash value that can be taken out of the policy and used for a number of purposes. Many insurance companies also allow policyholders to borrow against the value of a whole life insurance policy.

Whole life insurance is a good choice for those who want to provide for his or her family after death. For example, a person who will likely pass away while still owing a mortgage, with other significant debt or without retirement savings can plan on his or her spouse or other beneficiary to use the money from the insurance policy to cover these expenses.

For those who are in a high tax bracket or who are otherwise seeking a tax advantaged investment, should consider a whole life insurance policy. This is due to the investment portion of the policy growing in a tax advantaged manner. In addition, many insurance companies pay an annual dividend to policyholders. The dividend is considered a return of premium and is not taxable income. A policyholder can choose to use the dividend to pay toward the insurance premium, keep it in the cash value portion of the policy or simply take the money as cash.

The life insurance market is a competitive one. This competition, along with longer average life spans, has worked to reduce the cost of life insurance policies in recent years. A person who is interested in obtaining a whole life insurance policy should get a few whole life insurance quotes online and compare the premium cost for similar plans among different insurance companies. A person who spends a little time comparing policies from the companies with the best ratings can often save a significant amount of money.

Buying Life Insurance For Seniors

life insurance for seniorsIt can sometimes be difficult for seniors to find the life insurance that they need. There are a number of factors that combine to create a rather unique set of circumstances for individuals who are mature to find the types of insurance that will fit into their budget and provide them with the peace of mind that they are looking for. While it can prove to be somewhat difficult it is possible to find good senior life insurance plans. The key is knowing how to shop for it and where to look.

Life insurance offers many benefits for individuals who hold policies. The beneficial features of life insurance policies are many, but the most important is obviously having the knowledge that any final expenses that are left will be taken care of instead of being passed on for someone else to handle. In addition, certain types of policies allow individuals to borrow against the policy, effectively allowing them to have access to an emergency fund in case unforeseen circumstances should arise. Moreover, many insurance companies offer ways to save money on life insurance policies by allowing discounts to certain members of the public.

There are a variety of ways to shop for life insurance. Finding the right policy can be challenging for seniors, as the cost involved with the typical policy increases exponentially with advances in age. This means that many individuals who are on a fixed income may find it extremely difficult to make the monthly payments on a policy unless they can find insurance that is affordable for them. Knowing where to look for it allows people who fit into this category to find life insurance that covers their needs without draining their bank account.

Life insurance for seniors can be found by requesting information over the telephone or in writing. It is also widely available over the Internet. Seniors who are computer savvy should have little trouble finding a policy that works well for them by searching online. Individuals who would rather not shop online can find information in more traditional forms or they can enlist the help of someone to assist them in finding what they need online. In short, it may take longer to find the right policy that provides for individual needs without being too expensive, but with some diligence it is definitely possible.

Managing Your Personal Finances

Managing your personal finances is an intimidating concept to some. However, it isn’t nearly as difficult as so many believe. You can gain control over your finances by employing three simple tips that will help you manage your monthly income, create a budget, and save more money. It’s easy to regain control of the money you make when you utilize these tips.

Track All Spending

Write down every penny you spend each month. It doesn’t matter if you use credit, debit, or cash. Everything you spend needs to be written down and organized into categories such as housing, entertainment, transportation, savings, and food. At the end of one month, you will have a much better idea of where all your money goes. This can help you locate and eliminate wasted funds, which will help you gain control of your personal finances. Knowing exactly what you spend can help you see where you are overspending, where you are not spending enough, and why you never seem to have enough money left over.

Create a Budget

Now that you know where your money is going, create a budget and stick to it. It’s far easier to create a budget when you know exactly how much you spend each month on your living expenses. To live within your budget, you will continue to track your spending every month. You have the freedom to adjust your budget when and where it becomes necessary. Your budget should include all your monthly living expenses and incidentals such as entertainment, new clothes, and travel.

Save Money

It’s important to save enough money to handle an unforeseen emergency or even just to have on a rainy day. This means you need to account for savings in your monthly budget. Ideally, you should place at least 10 percent of your income into your savings account on a monthly basis. If you find extra money, put it directly into savings. Extra money includes overtime wages, refund checks, and or bonuses. The more you save, the more secure your financial future becomes.