Nicoas ColonAfter finishing college at Texas University, Nicolas Colon began his career in the world of finance. He began with what was then known as American Express Financial Advisors. After finishing their training program, he continued to work for them for the next 4 years, building up his own book of clients. Despite his long work hours, Nicolas was able to study for and pass the required examinations to become a certified financial planner.

He made the move shortly after to work for the brokerage and wealth management arm of Wachovia Bank, before finding a home 3 years later with a local, privately owned, financial management firm.

Nicolas works with a wide range of clients, from those fresh out of college looking to start a family, buy a home, and start saving for retirement, to those who are on the brink of retirement and transferring their accumulated savings into an income stream to sustain them after leaving their job.

Business for Nicolas has grown beyond his wildest expectations. As a way to try to give back, he started this website to offer free advice on savings, retirement, insurance, and other financial matters that matter to you.

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